Monday, October 20, 2014

Artistic License fair

Do not miss this Gathering in Costa Mesa on the last full weekend in October for the past forty-nine years (originally as the Denwar Crafts Fair), 2014 marks the twenty-first year of its era as the Artistic License Fair. Their work celebrates the artistry of one-of-a-kind traditional and contemporary crafts, elevating these functional objects into heirloom quality works of art—hand-woven and hand-dyed garments, jewelry, ceramics, hand-blown glass, woodworking, paper, and silks, as well as breathtaking home decor and gift items. Our show dates are October 24 and 25th, from 10 am - 4 pm.jjuried Artist only show. Over 55 artist

Back to work

Druzy madness. Working fast and furious for my really big show this weekend.


Hello Blog, I'm home. Trying to decide if I should share my 998 pictures with you or just pick one??? Because my blog is supposed to be about jewelry and art, I guess just one will have to do. If you have been, you know, if you haven't, you must go.